How The Site Works


Q – drops of information

Q Alternative – mirror sites that display drops

News – links to media outlets

Breaking – constant running feed of breaking news from multi news sites ( updated every 15 minutes)

Politicans – Q politician feeds ( displayed on homepage )

Independent – Independant media feeds (displayed on homepage )

Rabbit Whole – connections or ties based on people places or things

Follow – qanon-news official profiles within other networks. If the are not listed here they are not ours!

Real Talk Live – (must be registered to use) all conversations Research Pages aka Independent Media chat

Digital Warfare (social network)

My Script – (must be registered to use) anything you post will be stored here

Movies Playing – (must be registered and join the specific movie playing to post or comment however anyone can view ) Should be considered like a evidence based on a specific subject.

Focus – (must be registered to use) a direct feed to display all post through out website

Lens – (must be registered to use) plugged users will display here … You can find the lens within focus

Plugs – (must be registered to use) you can request members of the site to become plugged opposite user must accept . Once this is complete you create your own feed of individuals known as the lens.

Cast – (must be registered to use) list of people who are registered to “members”

Profile – (must be registered to use) your data that you decide to share. This can be accessed by clicking on ones icon.

Reviews – (must be registered to use) people can rate other people based on the information they provide

Events – (must be registered to use) Something that takes place, especially a significant occurrence.

Polls –  peoples vote

Notifications – (must be registered to use) a formal notifying or informing you of actions on qanon-news

Messages – (must be registered to use) chat p2p with anyone in the network unless they block you

Invitations – (must be registered to use)  invite anyone to join by sending a message to there email

Like – (must be registered to use)

Vault – (must be registered to use) similar to a bookmark. “Evidence Vault”

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