By Todd Pole

EXODUS 8:4 - The frogs will come up on you and your people and all your official's

2 thoughts on “Is President Trump Planning A Miraculous Comeback Or Is It All Over?”
  1. I didn’t listen when I heard “a leopard cannot change his spots!”. I knew Ted Cruz’s father was one who was involved in the JFK assassination fore-knowledge, tjat he was repentant. A good speaker, like Pence, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. How we needed and prayed for a non-politician ljke President Trump! We must pray again! MAGA! God
    bless our rightful President Donald J Trump! God bless all patriots! God bless America!

  2. First comment clarification: “My comment was giving my thanks to you” not “comment, thanks to you, was cancelled!” Terrible change of meaning when one stroke did not hit correctly. With everything and every mouth taped by these disgraceful traitors, you are a bright light of hope!. (My profile has the name of another patriot,not me.


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