By Todd Pole

EXODUS 8:4 - The frogs will come up on you and your people and all your official's

4 thoughts on “Michael Robinson – is Michelle Obama a transgender”
  1. I’m not a believer easy to deceive ☝️ I don’t care fore trump at all , but when I found out about the children and what these sickos are doing.!!!!! How can I ignore the truth of what our president is doing. Again I not a believer why cuz u can’t spell believe without a lie in the middle and fact and truth are to different things!!!! The truth I know things to be not fact or belief!!! The truth is Trump is saving the babies and as a man of color( I know we are supposed to hate trump) to know u is going to chi raq aka Chicago to stop this gangs from kill our babies in our community , how can I not support trump for that!!! Even if he said I hate all ppl of color but I will protect the babies no mater wha color that would be enough for me to say as a so called black man that aThis coming election Mr. President YOU GOT MY VOTE and thank you for going after this child wolverines!!!

    1. I definitely here you! However how many presidents in the past have had this many mistakes over something so stupid? My problem is if this is true then Obama had lied about more then we thought. I don’t care who you “bang” as long as kids are not involved and it’s consensual.

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