By Todd Pole

EXODUS 8:4 - The frogs will come up on you and your people and all your official's

4 thoughts on “Nashville bombing is super suspicious to me”
  1. Being a retired police officer, I’m thinking that this is suspicious and going to be used to later to “ try and connect the dots” by some organization for their propaganda.. not sure who, what, when, where or why…But I’m sure it will come out.

  2. Hell Fire Missile. Targeted strike.
    Anthony Quinn Warner was a Patsy
    His vehicle as misdirection
    Probably dead before the explosion.
    Either way. There’s video of the incoming rocket and video of the RV going up more that’s 80 seconds after the strike.
    Dominion??? Who owned the building, was the mayor (d) giggiling about the strike? The media has this guy convicted already and let’s move on. Watch, they will say he’s a Red hat , Trump loving, NRA, white supremacist skin head.
    On que….
    Lying and hiding in plain site is a thing when the media berates us for believing our own lying eyes.

  3. I have been a long time listener to Alex Jones who I learned about while in the militia. At first I did a lot of research on what he was saying because we are very like minded. Anyway the one thing that it taught me was to never take a story for it’s worth and investigate it yourself. As soon as I heard about Nashville that was my post “Who will they name as a Patsy?” “I am sure it will be a white man Trump loving white supremist” I watched the video you mentioned a few days ago and am not surprised to not hear of it on MSM.

  4. The debris field. The damage to the buildings. The damage to the street, and the burn pattern have multiple inconsistencies. The evidence that can be seen in the videos points to multiple explosions. Further more DNA results take weeks not hours.

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