Regardless of who says what (Politicians, Hollywood, Clicks and ect )watch these “Qterms” being used in a neg or pos way!

Storm – (the storm is coming, the storm) #wearethestorm

Wwg1wga – ( where we go one we go all)

Boom – (evidence or evidence coming)

Great Awakening – ( reality )

The world is watching – ( keep eyes on)

Patriots and Anons – ( love for ones county and people around them)

Come a Time – ( there will come a Time when they can no longer walk down the street) meaning : Demise for all of those who was once trusted!

Deep State – ( globalist, cabal , illuminati , skull and bones , NWO , ect) someones, group or entity trying to control ones way of life thru a global domination!

Fake News – media who was once trusted , who lost all credibility!

Q – intelligence close to a “ex-president” who feeds information to “patriots aka anons”  In search of reason and truth bring the information to the people in a direct manor to circumvent the “Fake News”!

Pedowood – term used to weed out pedophiles in Hollywood ( ref: Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, James Gun, Allison Mac , Clare Bronfman aka NXIVM , Kevin Spacey ECT…

17 – representation of Q ( the 17th letter in the alphabet )

Enjoy the show – mutliple cases running at once

Boom – used as a reference or warning to something big about to drop

Nothing Can Stop whats coming

Pain Coming


By Todd Pole

EXODUS 8:4 - The frogs will come up on you and your people and all your official's

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