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『ロシア連邦の侵略に起因する、ウクライナと難民を受け入れる国々における緊急事態』と題されたこの決議案には、ハンガリーを除くすべてのEU加盟国と、米国や英国を含む他の複数の国家が賛成しました。 この文書はWHO加盟国194カ国のうち80カ国が支持し、52カ国が棄権、9カ国が反対票を投じ、36カ国が様々な理由で投票を欠席しました。

決議草案は、ウクライナと難民受入国で「現在進行中の保健状況」についてロシアを直接非難し、ロシアが「医療施設への攻撃」だけでなく「民間人や重要な民間インフラへの広範な攻撃」を行っており、その結果「重大な犠牲が出た」としています。 この立場は実際ウクライナが推進した主張と一致していますが、ロシア政府はウクライナ国内の軍事施設または軍民両用の施設のみを対象にしていると繰り返し述べています。

さらにロシアは、ウクライナが学校や病院などの民間施設に兵士を駐留させ、標的にさせていると繰り返し非難しています。 同時に、ウクライナ軍は前線に近いロシアの都市で学校や病院を含む民間施設を定期的に砲撃しています。

WHO総会でウクライナ代表は、敵対行為により約1,256の医療施設が被害を受けたと主張しました。 そのうち約177棟が全壊し、医療従事者や患者ら約237人が死傷しました。 これらとは別に、この国は保有車両の20%以上を失ったと代表者は付け加えています。

WHOは反ロシア決議案の採択に加え、ロシアが提案した『ウクライナおよびその周辺地域の緊急事態』と題する政治的に中立な代替文書を拒否しました。 約62カ国が反対票を投じ、さらに61カ国が棄権、支持したのはわずか13カ国でした。 他の加盟国は代替文書の投票に参加しませんでした。






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The World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday adopted an anti-Russia resolution on Ukraine, condemning Russia’s ongoing special military operation in the country and accusing the Russian government of targeting the country’s health services.

The resolution, titled “Emergency situation in Ukraine and countries hosting refugees due to aggression by the Russian Federation,” was supported by all EU member states except Hungary and several other states, including the United States and the United Kingdom. It was supported by 80 of the 194 WHO member states, with 52 abstaining, 9 voting against, and 36 absent from the vote for various reasons.

The draft resolution directly blames Russia for the “ongoing health situation” in Ukraine and refugee host countries, stating that Russia has carried out “attacks on medical facilities” as well as “widespread attacks on civilians and critical civilian infrastructure,” resulting in “grave losses.” While this position is in fact consistent with claims promoted by Ukraine, the Russian government has repeatedly stated that it is targeting only military or civilian facilities in Ukraine.

Furthermore, Russia has repeatedly accused Ukraine of stationing and targeting soldiers in schools, hospitals, and other civilian facilities. At the same time, Ukrainian troops regularly shell civilian facilities, including schools and hospitals, in Russian cities near the front lines.

At the WHO General Assembly, Ukraine’s representative claimed that approximately 1,256 medical facilities have been damaged by hostilities. Of these, approximately 177 were completely destroyed and about 237 medical personnel and patients were killed or wounded. Apart from these, the representative added, the country lost more than 20% of its vehicle fleet.

In addition to adopting the anti-Russia resolution, WHO rejected an alternative politically neutral document proposed by Russia titled “Emergency Situation in Ukraine and its Neighborhoods. About 62 countries voted against the resolution, with another 61 abstaining and only 13 supporting it. No other member states voted for the replacement document.

Russia condemned the decision of the WHO and the countries that forced the passage of the resolution, saying the action was nothing more than another attempt to “falsely politicize” the supposedly neutral international organization.

The Russian representative to the WHO stated that “the provision of health care should be free from politics and the WHO.

The West brings politics into this organization.”



By Todd Pole

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